Project Details

BRE Group, Watford, UK

Biotecture partnered with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) for a live office refurbishment which will provide environmental and human data as evidence for positive health and wellbeing impacts on office occupants.

The "Biophilic Office" project centres on a 650m2 1980s office building on the BRE campus in Watford, which will be refurbished according to biophilic design principles. Interior designer Oliver Heath, will lead on the design element of the refurbished building, which will see an interior living wall installed as one of the key features of the office.

The overarching objective of the project is to create a working code for the incorporation of biophilic products, such as living walls, as well as other design considerations to be brought into mainstream office refurbishment.

Biophilic design acknowledges that we are genetically connected to nature and that a human centred approach can improve many of the spaces that we live and work, with numerous benefits to our health and wellbeing and efficiency.


  “The project will show how quantified improvements in productivity and wellness can bring rewards for landlords, occupiers, developers and all those concerned with the office and wider built environment”  

— Ed Suttie, Research Director, BRE