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When everybody is planting apples a visionary plants oranges.

Matshona Dhliwayo

The Biotecture living wall system is designed and validated to ‘work’ as the rainscreen cladding element of buildings. As such, rather than being an add on, our living wall system is integral to the building design and in terms of value should be considered against other cladding systems rather than being seen as an additional cost.

CWCT Testing

Industry Standard Testing

The inclusion of plants sets Living Walls apart from other façade systems. But this does not mean that the industry standard required testing for façade systems should somehow not apply.

Many commercial project specifications quite rightly call for compliance with the CWCT for all the façade materials and systems on the project. To the best of our knowledge the Biotecture Living Wall system is the only living wall to have undergone and passed the standard façade testing regime of the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT).   It is very important to note that not all living walls are alike. Our commitment to subjecting our living wall system to the CWCT testing regime was driven by the need to provide the following:

  1. Independent safety assurance Independent assurance of the Biotecture Living Wall System with respect to façade safety. We needed to give our clients confidence that the facades of their buildings were fully validated and independently tested.
  2. Fully-validated systemA distinction between our well-developed and fully-validated rainscreen cladding system based around a non-combustible growing medium and other living walls that purport to be suitable for use on buildings without robust data to back them up.

Biotecture Living Wall Undergoing CWCT Testing 2015


Biotecture Living Wall CWCT Test Results are as follows:

Independent Review

Underwritten Specification Validation

To provide independent assurance we commissioned a comprehensive analysis and report on the structural performance of our living wall system. We engaged Evolve Consulting Structural and Civil Engineers to carry this out for us. Their full 26 page report is available on request.

Your assurance is that we will always design and install our living cladding system in accordance with the recommendations of the Evolve Structural Assessment. Remember – not all living walls are the same. We take a fully professional approach to validating and supporting our system. This is why we are, without doubt, the market leaders in high profile living walls.