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The mere insertion of plants into the built environment can enhance comfort, satisfaction, well- being and performance.

Biophilic Design

The Reaction to Fire Performance of our living wall system is confirmed by a world renowned independent consultancy to be B-s3, d2. As a matter of right this classification acknowledges compliance with the simpler BS 476 classification for spread of flame for which the system is confirmed to achieve class 0.

Fire Safety

Independently Assessed

We recognise our responsibility as a cladding manufacturer, installer and through life care contractor to provide assurances that our product is safe. In 2016 we engaged International Fire Consultants Limited (IFC) to provide a full and independent evaluation of our living wall system from a fire classification and safety point of view. We asked them to go beyond a simple BS 476 surface spread of flame analysis (the Biotecture living wall system meets the criteria for class 0) and to carry out a fully comprehensive assessment of our living wall system as would be expected of any cladding material or system.

It is very important to note that not all living walls are alike. Our engagement of IFC was fuelled by the need to provide the following:

  • Independent safety assuranceIndependent assurance of the Biotecture Living Wall System with respect to fire. We needed to give our clients confidence that they were working with a safe system and a safe design and build contractor.
  • Fully-validated systemA distinction between our well-developed and fully-validated rainscreen cladding system based around a non-combustible growing medium and other living walls that purport to be suitable for use on buildings without robust data to back them up.

IFC proposed, planned and oversaw the testing regime and process for the fire classification of the Biotecture living wall system. The testing was carried out at the internationally recognised Building Research Establishment (BRE).

Independent Conclusion

Direct quote from the conclusions of the IFC Report: “Based upon the reaction to fire testing conducted and described in Section 3, it is the opinion of International Fire Consultants Ltd that, if the Biotecture Ltd Living Wall System, was manufactured, installed and maintained in accordance with the requirements of this engineering Assessment Report, then the following reaction to fire performance would likely be achieved:”

Reaction to fire performance of Biotecture Living Wall System

B-s3, d2

The full IFC Engineering Assessment of Biotecture Living Wall System With Respect to Reaction to Fire Classification PAR/16691/01 is available in the download section and we can provide assurances as required to ensure that the system remains within the specified parameters.

Operational Conditions

If required for further assurance then independent monitoring and recording can be implemented on site with links to the independent BMS. Please contact us for further details of this. We do not want our urban landscapes to be bereft of green infrastructure at a time when they need it the most simply because of a lack of understanding or assurance.

Remember—not all living walls are the same. We take a fully professional approach to validating and supporting our system. This is why we are, without doubt, the market leaders in high profile living walls.