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The mere insertion of plants into the built environment can enhance comfort, satisfaction, well- being and performance.

Biophilic Design

Foyer Living Wall, Ambius HQ

  • Chicago, United States
  • 2012
  • For Ambius
  • 32m2

Project Details

  • North American Partnership

Biotecture is partnering with Sage Vertical Gardens to design and build green walls in North America. This foyer living wall is in the of Ambius’ US headquarters on the outskirts of Chicago. Grown and installed by Sage, it is a beautiful example of how impressive vertical gardens can be.

The wall is remarkable for its feature ferns, including huge fronds of Nephrolepis  ‘Green Fantasy’ (Boston ferns).

To see another example of a living wall that Biotecture worked with Sage Vertical Gardens to install you can visit the ‘Luxotica Break Out Space Living Wall’ portfolio page.