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To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Hepburn

Inamo Restaurant Green Wall, Soho

  • London, United Kingdom
  • 2010
  • For Compurants
  • 10m2

Project Details

  • Plants chosen to handle low light levels
  • Plants help with noise reduction

This installation in a Inamo restaurant in Soho features three living green wall panels set between stone water-wall features. It is part of a Japanese Garden dining room in the innovative oriental fusion restaurant, Inamo in central London, and the green walls help with noise reduction in a busy, indoor social space.

Texture and colour in the living walls’ foliage is contrasted by stone and pebbles in the water feature. The plants were chosen to tolerate the interior lighting levels which create an intimate and tranquil dining area. The plants also provide clean, fresh air for the diners ensuring that the dining room does not become stale or stuffy.

The restaurant green wall panels are also vital in creating a calm acoustic environment for customers in the restaurant: plants help noise reduction, as they absorb, diffract and reflect sound. Effective noise-management in open plan social spaces is essential, as contemporary interior design continues to make use of hard lines and acoustically challenging materials such as concrete, marble and stone. The Biotecture Living Wall system has undergone testing by AIRO acoustics Laboratory to measure the sound absorption. The results of these tests are available on request.

To see another example of a Restaurant Living wall you can visit our ‘Rock Bank Restaurant, Chelsea Flower Show‘ portfolio page.

This installation shows how relatively small areas of green walls can have a strong visual impact as well as important sustainability benefits.

Richard Sabin Managing Director, Biotecture