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When everybody is planting apples a visionary plants oranges.

Matshona Dhliwayo

Living Wall Trials, Dubai

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 2013
  • For Acacia LLC

Project Details

  • Experimental panels
  • Highly efficient water use

Biotecture began their relationship with Uniflora LLC in 2013 in order to trial their patented hydroponic system in the GCC countries. A series of on-going trials have taken place in their Dubai nursery with the purpose of providing a robust system to clients within these countries. Due to the hotter, drier climate, precise irrigation controls and nutrient levels needed to be defined.

During the trials, a series of trial panels were grown in the nursery under experimental conditions, as well as a fully installed living wall.

The trial panels tested different plant species under different climatic conditions, from full sun to semi-shade. The vegetation was grown from cuttings gathered from plants native to Dubai and already growing within the landscape.

The irrigation system is highly efficient, using a third less water than is regularly required for traditional plant growing in Dubai. The walls are also irrigated more frequently, but for shorter periods of time.

The Biotecture Living Wall system has proved very successful for use internally and externally in the GCC countries.

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