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The mere insertion of plants into the built environment can enhance comfort, satisfaction, well- being and performance.

Biophilic Design

Sky Garden Reception Space

  • London, United Kingdom
  • 2017
  • For 20 Fenchurch Street Developer Limited
  • 12m2
  • Maintained by Biotecture
  • Publicly viewable

Project Details

  • Double sided freestanding living wall
  • Incorporating logos within the Sky Garden Living Wall design
  • Custom designed Hydroponic planters

Having installed a large external living wall on the 20 Fenchurch Street building in 2014 and performing the ongoing maintenance of that wall, Biotecture were perhaps the obvious choice to help “green” the ground floor reception space of the Sky Garden, London’s highest public garden in the same building.

Biotecture created a bespoke double sided freestanding self contained living wall for the centre of the space to sit behind the reception desks. As the first impression of the sky garden that visitors would get it was important that the lush green planting from the upstairs gardens was continued downstairs. It was also important to include the branding of the various bars an restaurants so bespoke signage was created to have the effect of floating in front of the living wall.

In addition to the main living wall Biotecture also designed and built bespoke planters The concept was to add more plants into the space and offer some privacy once inside the reception space from the windows onto the street. These planters help to create a sense of leaving behind everyday worries and relaxing when stepping inside.

The planters are designed with a water reservoir and wicking mechanism which allows the hydroponic growing medium to absorb the water  slowly so that constant moisture levels can be maintained without over saturating the root area of the plants. The water reservoir means that the water only needs to be topped up by our maintenance team every two weeks.

If you are interested to learn more about the large external living wall Biotecture installed on the same building, including what plants are included and why they were chosen, you can visit the 20 Fenchurch Street portfolio page