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When everybody is planting apples a visionary plants oranges.

Matshona Dhliwayo

We are a Biophilic Design led business crossing boundaries of horticulture and the built environment. Our core offering is vertical greening through fully comprehensive living walls. However there are so many other opportunities to introduce Green Infrastructure for the benefit of planet, people and business.

Integrated Biophilic Design

Working with You

We work with clients to include Biophilic Design and green infrastructure in a number of ways. Whether it is a living wall, sustainable urban planters or bespoke cable and wire climbers we always design to integrate. This often includes lighting design and implementation both for growth and effect and other associated elements including signage and way-finding. Our team of experienced designers like it when we get a chance to work on projects without the limitations of existing products. We think outside the box.

Car Park, Intu, Milton Keynes

Value Engineering

Working for You

We believe that good Green Infrastructure design will add value to any urban project when included at an appropriate scale. Our work at design stage helps to realise this value. We also believe that while offering good value Green Infrastructure should be cost effective. There are a range of techniques and biophilic design methods that we can employ to suit most visions and budgets.

Sky Garden Reception, 20 Fenchurch Street, London

Grand Ideas

Working out Your Visions

There are a number of long term partnerships that we have had and continue to have with clients that are hugely beneficial. We understand that some projects are a long time in fruition and we can help at every step of the way. Our award winning vertical forest landscape in Leeds was installed in early 2016. The original approach to us from our client Veolia on behalf of Leeds City Council was in 2010 and we have worked with them on this project continuously ever since right through the vision articulation, design phases, planning, construction and on into through life care. We anticipate this relationship to stretch into decades of working together. For an integrated result this is the best way to design and the best way to build.

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This excellent facility is at the heart of our commitment to sustainability and making the best use of our resources

Lucinda Yeadon Executive member for Environment and Sustainability (Leeds RERF), Leeds City Council