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To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Hepburn

Increasingly, our clients are not only looking for our living walls to transform the finished building, but also to turn their construction sites into more visually appealing environments while the building work is underway.

PlantBox, our new modular, cost-effective living hoarding system

New to the market, our revolutionary patented PlantBox system is a freestanding, stackable wall system that has no structural load on the hoardings. Ideal for the construction industry, it offers all the benefits of an ivy screen but with more flexibility and green credentials. It can be quickly erected, dismantled and reinstalled on your next site.

What’s included:

  • Living wall designed, manufactured and installed by Biotecture
  • Fully planted with mature plants to give instant impact and coverage
  • Irrigation options from manual to fully automatic
  • Optional maintenance package to keep plants looking their best
  • Optional lease hire package

Available to be bought or leased, our comprehensive PlantBox system is made in the UK from 100% recycled material. It is the ideal interface between construction sites and the public, enhancing the environment and community relations in the process.

Simple and quick to install, and with a small footprint, it won’t encroach on your site. And with integrated irrigation, it can go weeks before a top up is required.

Entirely flexible, our PlantBox living hoarding can be moved around the site as work progresses. And once the site is complete, it can be relocated to your next project or repurposed for a permanent location.

We can build the system to a standard height of 2.4m, or we can work to bespoke heights and widths. We can design, supply, install and maintain the hoarding, removing any hassle for you. We will choose the plants most suited to the location of the hoarding, considering sun and shade and the season. The plants are all fully grown when our living green screens are installed so the visual effect and benefits are effective immediately.

The PlantBox hoarding can either be watered manually by your team or fully maintained by us, which will involve us visiting the site when a top up is required and keeping an eye on the plants to ensure they’re looking healthy.

Imagery can be fixed to our hoarding, enabling contractors and developers to incorporate their logos and messaging, or even offer advertising to a third party.

The positive impact living hoardings brings to your construction site

Living hoardings are ideal for screening off building work and vehicle movement and maintaining privacy for the site, while simultaneously providing a greener frontage for those passing by. Hoarding which is densely populated with plants can also reduce the level of machinery and vehicle noise coming from the site.

Another significant benefit of living hoardings is improved air quality thanks to the removal of dust, dangerous particulates and harmful pollutants from the air by the plants, creating a healthier environment for those working on site as well as those living and working in the surrounding area.

Living hoardings also aids biodiversity, providing valuable forage for pollinators such as butterflies and bees. The flowering plants, for example, support our declining population of bumblebees by offering them a welcome source of nectar and pollen.

Living walls offer a far more sustainable choice of hoarding than your average signage, artificial, plastic greenery or photographic panels of foliage, and avoids the issue of graffiti. And rather than being left with waste when the project completes, the plants and panels can be moved elsewhere or even donated to the local community as part of your CSR outreach.

Our living hoarding projects

Our living hoarding is currently enriching a temporary compound in Canary Wharf, where Balfour Beatty is shoring up the riverbank. The 540 plants, which make up the hoarding, are providing a greener view for residents whose homes overlook the site and are absorbing particulate matter to improve air quality. View our portfolio to see how the hoarding has transformed the site.

Another example of how our living hoarding has helped screen off building work and improve air quality is in a bustling pedestrian hub in Victoria. Read about the Nova project and view our installation video.

Great site team who arrived on the site to undertake the install and were self-sufficient. They completed the works to a very high standard. It was a pleasure to see the team take pride in what they did.


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