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When everybody is planting apples a visionary plants oranges.

Matshona Dhliwayo

We are living wall maintenance experts.  Our living wall system gives the plants the best opportunity to flourish and our maintenance operatives know how to keep them that way.  Our excellent operations support team and horticulturally led maintenance programmes mean that we proactively look after an ever increasing number of living walls ranging in size from 10m2 to 2,600m2.  Our annual turnover for maintenance of living walls alone is approaching £1M – we know what we are doing.

Our Living Wall Maintenance Team

Your performance guarantee

Our dedicated team ensures that every living wall that we look after enjoys long-term health. Each project comes with a Performance Specification and Maintenance Agreement, which is tailored to suit the specific needs of the wall and includes details on the plant choice, irrigation system and maintenance schedule.

We will:

  • Carry out regular visual inspections of the wall
  • Ensure a minimum of 95% wall coverage has live plants at all times
  • Tend to the plants, including any replacements—up to 100% if necessary
  • Top up the nutrients tank when needed
  • Maintain the irrigation system

After [last week’s] maintenance visit the main section of green wall facing Hawley Crescent looks really good, not only catching the eye of our staff but also, which is very important, the eyes of thousands of tourists and residents of Camden… please thank the team.

Dave Bennett Director-Planning and Design/Office Services, Viacom International Media Networks (MTV)

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Our Experience

We know our plants

We have been designing, supplying, installing and maintaining living walls since 2007.   We have extensively monitored and trialled various plant species to establish those most suitable for living walls. Every plant is selected to suit the specific needs of the living wall, such as the location, aspect, and the microclimate.

We know our walls

Our staff are client facing every day.

  • We are always courteous and polite when we are working on client’s premises
  • We will always tell you in advance when we are coming
  • Our operatives will always be suitably trained for any equipment required
  • We always operate to our RAMS
  • Where necessary we can organise road and pavement closures

The living wall in the courtyard of our office has totally transformed the space we work in. It’s going strong and we’re currently working with Biotecture on several projects for living walls, which is itself an endorsement.

Michael Friel Principal Architect, David Morley Architects

Remote Sensing & Monitoring

Intelligent Data

To help us to maintain our living walls our operations support team monitors the performance of the irrigation systems of the majority of our projects remotely.  We usually provide a full service inclusive of all horticultural maintenance. When clients want their own Estates Teams or Landscapers to take on the on-site elements of the works themselves then we can offer a Remote Monitoring Agreement only (RMA) for reassurance.

Remote control

We remotely control the duration, frequency and timing of the irrigation system. This allows us to meticulously regulate and alter the irrigation according to the needs of the plants throughout the year. We regularly adjust the living walls remotely to suit the changing seasons and weather fluctuations.

Peace of mind

All of our irrigation controllers are pre-programmed with water flow-rate parameters and deviation allowances specific to each zone in the green wall. The flow-rate is monitored for unexpected deviations. If any occur outside the deviation allowance, the controller responds automatically by shutting off the pump and altering us by email. We can therefore investigate and respond before the plants are aware of any issues.