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The mere insertion of plants into the built environment can enhance comfort, satisfaction, well- being and performance.

Biophilic Design

The patented design of the Biotecture living wall was invented by the founders of the company.  The basis of this design is still at the heart of our current modular system which remains the most flexible, resilient and low water use of any fully comprehensive living wall system anywhere in the world. The construction specification has been fully and independently validated by the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) and Evolve Structural Engineers. Specification, Drawings and Validation Reports are available to download at the bottom of this page.

Biotecture Living Green Wall Specification

Industry Leading

Green Wall Specification Diagram

  1. Support system
  2. Waterproof backing board
  3. Rear drainage layer
  4. Aluminium rails and dripline
  5. Capillary breaks
  6. Growing medium
  7. Panel box
  8. Plants

The standard panels in the Biotecture system are 600mm wide x 450mm high.  When fully saturated the system weighs 75kgs per sqm.  The panels complete with plants sit on pre-fixed T section recycled aluminium rails which in turn are fixed to a cement particle backing board through the drainage void former material.  This ensures that the irrigated zone remains in front of the backing board and there is no chance of any moisture tracking back to the rest of the fabric of the building.

We can work to any dimension by trimming and cutting the edge panels down to suit.  This is pre-determined as part of the design process and the plants are pre-grown in the trimmed panels in the nursery prior to being installed.  The system is:

  • Lightweight at 75 kgs per m2 fully saturated weight
  • Slimline at 82mm thick
  • Simply the best vertical growing environment possible

Learn About Why We Use Hydroponics

The properties of our growing medium and the unique and patented way that the irrigation water enters and exits the Biotecture living wall system means that unlike any other living wall we can

  • Be sure of the water (moisture) and nutrient content at any location on the living wall
  • Grow plants that demand different levels of water right next to each other
  • Ensure that we are using the minimum volumes of water necessary

The result is a sustainable, resilient and beautiful living wall every time.

Biotecture Living Wall Specification in section view

Diagramatic Section

  1. Pressure compensated Dripline
  2. Waterproof Backing Board
  3. Rear drainage layer
  4. Growing medium
  5. Rail carrier system, dripline and coverstrips

Living Wall Drawings & Details

Integrated Design

We work with clients to produce site specific integrated design drawings. To start this process we can offer consultative advice and also we have a number of generic drawings of our Living Green Wall specification in action in both CAD and PDF format.

Living Green Wall Specification Detail Drawings

Our integrated living wall system includes seamless corner details, window head, jam and cill details as well as gutter details and other interface details. Our generic drawing details show the fixing details required for the waterproof backing board and all other interfaces. For specific details or queries please get in touch—we will be delighted to help.