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To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Hepburn

Reconnecting with Nature Webinars

Join Managing Director Richard Sabin as he shares his passion for biophilic design, hydroponics and green infrastructure in our new bitesize lunchtime sessions.

21st August 2020 | By Kirstin Monk

The global pandemic has helped put the environment firmly in the media spotlight, from reduced air pollution and traffic noise to an enhanced appreciation of the natural world. The sustainable future of our urban landscapes is a hot topic as we slowly emerge from lockdown.

Founded in 2007, Biotecture has always seen enormous potential for the integration of green infrastructure, with a long-standing, compelling mission statement to reconnect people with nature. Society at large is now becoming more aware of the importance of the environment and the direct impact it has on us individually and as a collective.

How does reconnecting with nature play an important role in improving our health and wellness and strengthening our communities?  

Why should green infrastructure be a core design element of our increasingly urban realm?

Can nature help mitigate against pollutants as more vehicles return to the road?

Our Managing Director Richard Sabin will be addressing these points and more in four live webinars, kicking off our new ‘Reconnecting With Nature’ series. These unique 20 minute presentations are designed to educate and inspire and will be of particular interest to architects, building contractors and sustainability professionals.

Places are limited so book your place today – it’s free to register!


Reconnecting With Nature – The Science

1pm Thursday 3 September 2020

We explore the evidence-based power of plants and how they improve our lives immeasurably, often without us being aware of it happening.  We also look at the impact of Covid-19 on both the environment and our mental health, the science behind the benefits of plants and how nature can help transform buildings, strengthen urban communities and enrich health and wellbeing.

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Return On Investment – The Value Of Nature
1pm Thursday 10 September 2020

We look at the myriad benefits of integrating nature in buildings and urban architecture and share case studies that help prove the science.  From enrichment of spaces to air pollution reduction, we demonstrate how green infrastructure provides a social, environmental and economic return on investment.

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Nature-Based Solutions – Greening Options
1pm Thursday 17 September 2020

We explore various green infrastructure options for both new builds and retrofit with a focus on living walls and an emphasis on matching the options to the desired benefits.  We also touch on the importance of compliance and demystify hydroponics.

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Urban Landscapes Fit For The Future – How Do We Want To Live?
1pm Thursday 24 September 2020

We look at how an exciting blend of biology and technology can help to transform our urban spaces and enrich our quality of life. We discuss the role of green infrastructure in placemaking and wayfinding, how climate change can be mitigated and how we can respond to air quality in innovative ways by harnessing the power of nature.

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We hope you can join us then!  For any queries contact us at or call 01243 572118.