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The mere insertion of plants into the built environment can enhance comfort, satisfaction, well- being and performance.

Biophilic Design

10 years old and still flourishing!

10 years after installation and three of our London living walls are still looking great thanks to our durable system and expert maintenance team.

11th October 2021 | By Jessica Wigmore

The Biotecture team have been working to green up the urban environment since 2007 and 2021 marks 10 years since the installation of three large scale living walls in different locations across London. Our living walls at Edgware Road Tube Station, New Street Square and King’s Cross were all installed in 2011 and have been expertly maintained by our award-winning horticultural and operations team, to ensure they are still looking fantastic 10 years later.

When designing a living wall its important to think about longevity to ensure it remains an asset for years to come. All three walls use our patented ‘BioPanel’ modular system which is both flexible and durable. The system can either be retrofitted like at Edgware Road Station or integrated into the building fabric as part of new build project. We use a hydroponic system with controls water usage and nutrient delivery and provides a stable and predictable root zone for the plants. The integrated irrigation system is remotely monitored by the Biotecture team to ensure everything is functioning correctly. The construction specification of our living wall system has also been fully and independently validated by the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) and Evolve Structural Engineers.


New Street Square

Biotecture were appointed by Landsec to install a new living wall in New Street Square. They carried out a full and thorough review of living wall companies before selecting Biotecture based on the quality of our portfolio and professional ‘can do’ approach. Biotecture designed and installed the new living wall in 2011 to integrate with the existing structure of the building and create a green focal point in an urban setting.

Biotecture New Street Square_10 Year Anniversary

Living Walls at New Street Square, 2012 a year after installation.

Choosing the right plants from the outset helps to keep our walls looking in great condition. We have extensively monitored and trialed various plant species to establish those most suitable for living walls. Every plant is selected to suit the specific needs of the living wall, such as the location, aspect, and the microclimate. At New Street Square the client wanted the new living wall to have a lush green look all year round. They also wanted us to consider native species including some London ferns to help the biodiversity and urban greening in the City of London.

Biotecture New Street Square Living Walls 10 Year Anniversary

2019 and 2021

Edgware Road Tube Station

One of the benefits of living walls is the improvement in air quality they provide. The wall at Edgware Road Tube Station was funded by the government’s Clean Air Fund, and the air quality benefits of the wall were monitored by Imperial College London who assessed the chosen plants for their ability to remove particulate matter from the air. The huge green wall holds 14,000 plants of 15 different species with smaller leaves and a variety of textures, which were specifically chosen as they are better air filters of PM10 – harmful particulates from traffic fumes. This wall is being maintained on a regular basis by our team.

Biotecture Living Wall Edgware Road Tube Station 10 Year Anniversary

Design concept for the wall at Edgware Road Tube Station and a photo shortly after installation.

King’s Cross living wall 

In 2011 we installed a 240 m2 living wall at King’s Cross as part of the King’s Cross Central Development plan. Commissioned as visual screening for gas utilities, the wall remains an import part of the public realm 10 years later. When the living wall was originally installed in 2011 it benefitted from plenty of direct sunlight. A dynamic planting plan was designed, that would change from season to season. In summer, it was populated by pink, purple and white flowers, while fragrant lavender attracts bees and other pollinators. In winter, the pink flowers of Bergenia gave way to deep red leaves and Pachysandra terminalis helps create a dark green foliage with the silver sheen of Stachys Byzantium. However it was always known that as future development of the surrounding sites progressed and new buildings were completed they might cause the living wall to be in shade the majority of the time. In 2016 the planting plan was redesigned and the living wall panels replanted to suit the new site conditions. The original design intention was preserved but some plant species were switched out for more shade tolerant plants, in particular in the lower areas of planting which were the most affected by the shading from the new building opposite.

‘The wall has continued to thrive and we are very pleased with its maintenance and progression’ Simon Cummins, Nurture Landscapes

Biotecture Living Wall Kings Cross 10 Year Anniversary

The planting changes through the seasons at the King’s Cross living wall.

All three walls have been maintained by Biotecture since their installation 10 years ago. Our living wall system gives the plants the best opportunity to flourish and our maintenance operatives know how to keep them that way. Our excellent operations support team and horticulturally led maintenance programmes mean that we proactively look after an ever-increasing number of living walls ranging in size from 10m2 to 2,300 m2.

Our horticultural teams make regular inspections to each wall, tending to the plants and replacing them where required. Remote monitoring of the irrigation system also means we are looking after our client’s walls on a daily basis. Our maintenance contracts include a performance guarantee, ensuring a minimum of 95% wall coverage at all times.

The work of our team was recently recognised by the plants@work judging panel, who awarded us two ‘Gold Leaf’ Maintenance awards for Ashford Designer Outlet and St Luke’s Hospital.

Biotecture maintenance team

Biotecture maintenance team

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