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To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Hepburn

Client: Canary Wharf Group

Install Date: 2021

Biotecture delivered PlantBox living walls in six prominent locations across the Canary Wharf estate to enrich the public realm and contribute the client’s ambitious sustainability goals. Using our freestanding, stackable and modular system we were able to deliver a big impact within a short timeframe. The Project was awarded a BALI National Landscaping Award in 2022.

Project Brief


As part of their commitment to providing revitalising spaces that allow people to reconnect with nature, Canary Wharf Group appointed Gillespies in 2021 to create a landscape framework for a large programme of landscaping works across the Estate. Working in collaboration with Biotecture and Willerby Landscapes, Gillespies established a vision and toolkit for each area including modular timber furniture, planters and green walls based on the site’s location, character, climate and usage. The scheme was designed to enhance biodiversity, improve wellbeing and create enlivened spaces.

Canary Wharf Management appointed Biotecture to design and install the living wall elements in multiple prominent locations across the estate to enrich the public realm and contribute to their ambitious sustainability goals.


  • Supports the client’s wider sustainability goals
  • Creates positive first impressions and enriches the public realm
  • Freestanding, stackable and modular PlantBox system
  • Fast delivery – 8 weeks between initial visit and installation
  • Future proof – can be moved or extended
  • Only restraint fixings required
  • 3,000 PlantBoxes – 12,000 plants

Our Approach

The living walls are formed using ‘PlantBox’, a unique, stackable, modular living wall system that delivers immediate impact. Using this system allowed Biotecture to deliver a big impact within a short timeframe.

PlantBox is manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled materials. The system is loadbearing and only requires restraint fixings, this meant that the living walls at Canary Wharf didn’t need structural approval which allowed us to offer a fast turnaround.

As a modular system PlantBox can be extended, reconfigured or moved which will allow flexibility for the client in the future should they want to re-locate a wall.

Biotecture are also working on a design for biodiversity boxes which will be retrofitted into the living walls to further contribute to the client’s biodiversity net gain aspirations.

The planting has been designed to create a vibrant, natural feel while maximising ecological benefit and resilience to climate change. Plant species have been considered and combined to ensure seasonal and visual interest through form, colour, movement, and texture. The palette at each location has been shaped by specific conditions to create a distinct character and establish plant communities that are biodiverse, robust and well suited to their environment.

Biotecture were able to offer a fast turnaround, with the first walls installed just eight weeks after our initial visit. Our project team created visualisations to ensure the client fully understood our proposals and what we could achieve.

The PlantBox troughs were planted up in our nursery before being installed on site in several phases. This ensured the living walls looked great from day one.

After completing phase 1, Biotecture were appointed to deliver additional living walls to mark the opening of the Elizabeth line. This phase was completed in May 2022.

On completion of the project Canary Wharf Management appointed Biotecture to carry out ongoing maintenance. Our expert horticultural team carry out regular inspections and horticultural visits to keep the living walls looking their best.

Photos: Eric Orme, Place Photography 

All works by Biotecture were completed in a professional and timely manner and we are extremely pleased with the final results and we have had so much positive feedback from colleagues’
and Tenants’. Thanks for a great job.

Paul Griffiths Landscape Manager, Canary Wharf Management
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