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To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Hepburn

Roof Terrace Green Wall, Coca Cola Headquarters

  • London, United Kingdom
  • 2014
  • For Coca Cola
  • 60m2

Project Details

  • Roof Terrace Green Wall
  • Adjusted panel size to fit existing wall and openings

Set against panoramic views of London, Biotecture designed and installed the 60m2 living wall for the roof terrace at Coca Cola’s new UK headquarters. The aim of the new building was to create a professional environment for business, as well as a relaxed atmosphere for socialising. Not only does the living wall create a striking façade for the socialising and dining area on the roof terrace, but it also introduces a vast number and variety of plants to an area that would otherwise lack the space.

The living wall had to fit in with an existing structure and therefore the panels were adjusted accordingly. The result was a bespoke panel design suited around the openings within the wall.

An automatic irrigation system was installed to provide water and nutrients to the plants. This can also be monitored and adjusted remotely by our maintenance team without the need to visit site which reduces the number of maintenance visits required. If you would like to learn more about the Biotecture Living Wall system and how the irrigation works you can visit our specifications and drawings page.

The plants selected were those tolerant of exposed conditions and of the micro-climate expected on an urban rooftop garden. They are all hardy, evergreen and suitable for sun and partial shade, due to the wall’s south west facing aspect. The plant design was based on an informal layout with random planting of different species. The small-leaved, dense foliage of Soleirolia soleirolii contrasts with long-leaved ferns and sedges, such as Polystichum setiferum and Carex morrowii. Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’ and Uncinia rubra populate the wall with red flowers, with random bursts of white and purple from Vinca minor.