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The mere insertion of plants into the built environment can enhance comfort, satisfaction, well- being and performance.

Biophilic Design

Client: Private Client

Install Date: 2023

Biotecture designed and installed this stunning internal living wall for a private client in Peckham as part of a full house re-model. Biotecture worked closely with the Architect Neil Dusheiko to create a lush living wall that contributed to the client’s aspiration for a ‘spa-like retreat’. Biotecture took the project from concept right through to completion on site and beyond. The project recently featured in Channel 4's Extraordinary Extensions (Series 2, Episode 2)

Project Details

The client appointed Neil Dusheiko Architects to re-model their house transforming a dark, closed-offer interior into a modern house that embraces nature.

The client was inspired by the client’s Sri Lankan heritage and wanted to include plants to create a green verdant environment full of visual interest and textures and to make the house ‘feel alive’.

The living wall forms a stunning backdrop to the extended kitchen but it also spans two stories allowing glimpses of it from different parts of the house, including the bathroom, helping to create a ‘spa-like retreat’.

The Living wall is positioned under a large, glazed skylight that offers the plants the full spectrum of sunlight, with sun-loving species placed closer to the light and plants requiring more shade towards the bottom.


  • Internal green wall
  • Naturally resilient BioPanel living wall system
  • Hydroponic growing medium
  • Over 1500 plants
  • On-site maturation to reduce lead time
  • Remotely monitored irrigation system
  • Featured on Channel 4's Extraordinary Extensions

Our Approach

Design and Project Management

Our design and project management worked closely with the Architect on the design and construction schedule for the living wall to ensure the living wall was integrated into the building and the installation went smoothly.

Planting Design 

The client was inspired by the Living wall Biotecture designed and installed at the Regent Street Anthropolige, in London with its lush variety of colours and textures. For this project we chose 14 different internal plants in total. The wall was zoned into 9 different sections with 3-4 plants in each. This ensured good coverage whilst also creating variation throughout the wall.

Horiculture and Installation

Our BioPanel system is installed in two phases, the first fix includes the installation of backing board and aluminum mounting rail as well as the installation and commissioning of the irrigation system. The second fix includes the installation of planted panels, which slot in between the aluminum mounting rails. Biotecture’s hydroponic living walls are usually ‘pre-grown’ into our own patented BioPanel modular panels at our dedicated nursery facility in West Sussex and allowed to mature. Due to the construction schedule we installed the base BioPanels on site and then planted them up in-situ.


As part of the project, an integrated irrigation system has been installed, which is remotely monitored by our team from our office in West Sussex. This advanced system ensures that the plants receive the necessary water and nutrients for their well-being and growth. Additionally, regular horticultural maintenance visits will be conducted to ensure that the living walls are meticulously maintained and continue to look their best.

Watch the full process on Channel 4’s Extraordinary Extensions 

Photography: Jim Stephenson, Architectural Photographer and Film Maker



‘I love the living wall. Looking at it and being around it makes me very happy. Thank you for everything!’

Private client